J. K. Mertz Academy


The Academy guitar Johann Kaspar Mertz was born as a teaching center in the high musical education with the goal of creating a complete offer. The teachers work for a full growth of learners, who through music, define and enhance their artistic and musical identity.

The personality of a young mature artist still more through contact with other teachers and taking part in cultural activities in the music and research aimed at the enhancement of talent. The Academy fact, cures the student personal relationship -Master for it to be based on cooperation, respect and mutual esteem.

A continuous cultural interaction for learners will stimulate learning and development through programs that will see the presence of musicians, teachers of renown, musicologists, instrument makers, record producers, experts in the field of theater and the visual arts, coaches and trainers and all those professions that revolve around the world of music and the arts.

Many activities have already been developed and those under development such as Festival, Workshops, Workshops, Publishing, Reviews …

The Academy works on several levels: the first approach, the master classes in close cohesion by ministerial planning, training for competitions and auditions and for all the professional opportunities.

Through music students will grow and shape the their creativity.

The relationship with him means of expression themselves, the music they have inside and what they want and they can transmit.

The Academy also has the support of professionals in the legal and dr. Accountants for a consultant in professional and organizational level.+