Musica e Postura

A project started from the collaboration between the Clinical Systemic Posture Studies Institute of Napoli and  “Johann Kaspar Mertz” Guitar Academy.

With the aim of studying some issues related to musician posture, it proposes a complete and integrated approach starting from the premise that mind, body and psyche are inseparable and the interaction between the body systems. The recipients of the project are not only musicians but also the other show business and wellness professionals in general, and all those professionals directly or indirectly related to the criterion of posture.

Our Mission is to provide the musician with functional means to get rid of chronic tensions and epitomize the performance through a deeper sense of self, leading to the acquisition of a healthy posture and the finding of his own physiology and equilibrium.

The conventional approach teaches to organize the movement starting from the central axis of the body identifying it with a static plumb line. 

But when the musician understands that gravitational line is not actually a position to be maintained in the space but a dynamic activity based on perception, the relationship between his matter and the globe one, turns from conflict to harmony: gravity organizes our life and through a show of strength we turn it into a friend.

Jerzy Grotowski   referring to his actors, talked about “determined body”. Similarly, the body of the musician, not to be divided between “wanting” and “expressing”, is determined.

It will be subjected to new retractions until it will “want” to express, but when it will resort to kinesthetic sensations and automatisms that can be given by a deeper perception, it will just be free to express. At that point, the musician is ready to open himself to the same execution, to the communication towards others, to the capability of touching and being touched, to abandon himself to the gracefulness and elegance of musical gesture not longer just mechanical, and, finally, to the “power” that Music lends him.

A body that expands and doesn’t implode because of compressions.

A body looking for spaces and nothingness inside itself
in order to be full…
of its talent, if you like, and its own uniqueness… 


Carmelo Bene  thought we don’t need to produce masterpieces but “to be” masterpieces.
And our body is nothing but a moving art work.

The systemic approach, starting from the premise of communication between systems, including the connective one, real organ of posture, gives it a key role in the process of auto-regulation and auto-healing of the organism.

If the strip shells, covering and interconnecting everything, are free, they allow the adjacent structures to slide on each other; this causes less articular compression, better organic and circulatory functionality and more efficiency of the nervous system in coordinating the movement. 

 It makes a difference for a musician. 

So centred the trunk live together with its malfunctions. So centred the psyche canalises its contradictions. So centred we deploy our energy. Becoming is now. Joy is easier than you think. We are in the tide of times. We are time. Spokespeople of joy. Spokespeople of beauty.” 

 (from UN CORPO POVERO studio sulla maschera neutra” by Gerardo Martino)

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