On-Line Counseling

The service of legal advice in out-of-the court setting for drawing up legal opinions, contracts and other legal acts is provided only by attorneys properly enrolled in the Bar.

Within 24 hours from the dispatch of this form, you will receive a free and non-binding quote, depending on the complexity of the issue, and the requester will be able to choose among different forms of legal advice:

  1. telephone legal advice;

  2. on-line legal advice sent by e-mail only;

  3. written legal advice anticipated by e-mail and sent by priority mail, with the signature of the appointed professional.

In the notice containing the quote, you will find, in addition, the name of the appointed attorney, the method of payment of the legal advice and all further law information.

Except for particularly complex issues, you will receive the legal opinion within 2 working days from the payment confirmation. A regular invoice issue, sent as electronic copy together with the legal opinion, will follow the received payment.

For insolvable issues by electronic means and when an attorney is needed instead, you can make an appointment at our law firm based in Barcellona P.G. calling the number +39 349.1993771.

WARNING: Sending this form shall be equivalent to a quote request and the applicant nor the recipient is bounded in any way. The non-payment followed to the dispatch of the quote shall be equivalent to a request surrender without further communication needed. The dispatch of the request implies the general terms and conditions to be fully understood and accepted.



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