Zarim Chamber Trio


The Zarim Trio is composed by Imbesi-Zangará Guitar duo and official Wambooka’s

endorser M° Giorgio Rizzo. The Wambooka is a new conception of darbuka percussion that offer the possibility to play Water Sounds ( recently present at NAAM of Los Angels, Shangai, London).

Giorgio Rizzo is the Official Ambassador for the Instrumental exsecutive Tecniques.

The repertory presents a Polyrhytmic and Polymetric research b

etween the Best Master Works of Rossini, Brouwer, Mozart, Beethoven, Bitze, Albeniz, Gismonti, Giuliani and others, where the percussion is used like a melodic and concertant instrument, in its full potetial versately.

Trio Working on the First World Registration where this percussion set is present that named Rythmich Travels on Classical Music

This project is supported by the Wambooka’s creator and his Team.