Novecento di Alessandro Baricco

Directed by Ivan Bertolami- Music by Carmelo Imbesi and Antonio Vasta

The protagonist of the show is the trumpeter Tim Tooney that with a veil of sadness tells his wonderful friendship with Danny T.D. Lemon twentieth century, the greatest pianist ever to play the ocean.

The piece highlights various aspects, among many immigration yesterday, when we were Italians to emigrate, and that of today where we are the ones who welcome. It particularly underlines the desire to stop in front of something bigger than us as the land that may seem attractive but sometimes he can be more ungovernable more than an ocean liner in the middle of the storm.

The staging is punctuated by a musical ensemble that performs original music that take the viewer’s arm and led him in the halls of the magical world of dance of the steamboats that in the ’30s went from Europe to America.

“We played because the ocean is big, and scary, because people do not feel we played pass the time, and you would forget where he was and who he was. We were playing to make them dance, because dance if you can not die, and you feel God. And we played ragtime, because it is the music of God dances when no one sees it. “.” (Novecento  A.Baricco)


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Me e Mr. G – “Non è il Classico Gaber”  (Omaggio al Teatro Canzone)

Directed by Ivan Bertolami- Arrangements by Carmelo Imbesi

“The words define the world. If there were no words, we would not have a chance to talk about anything. Mail world turns and the words are still. The words wear out, grow old, lose their way and we all continue to use them without realizing to talk … about anything. ” ( G. Gaber)

In this tribute to Mr. G. Ivan Bertolami you intend to bring to light the Lyric Theater , created by Giorgio Gaber and Sandro Luporini. The piece is marked by monologues and songs, in some cases apparently light but by the profound content. The musical part is taken care of by Duo chamber Carmelo Imbesi and Carmen Zangarà, with the primary intention of providing an interpretative key of Giorgio Gaber in purely chamber music style, emphasizing the main instrument for the singer he represented the “ideal partner” during his artistic career: the guitar.

The issues addressed by the classic comedy , will range from racism to love, from political to social classes, from fashion nonconformity. A perfect show to move closer to a great artist that maybe one day goes out of fashion, but that will never cease to be present …

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